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Si vis studere philosophiae animoque, hoc studium non potest valere sine frugalitate. Haec frugalitas est paupertas voluntaria. Tolle, igitur, istas excusationes: "Nondum satis pecuniae habeo. Si quando illud 'satis' habebo, tum me totum philosophiae dabo." Incipe nunc philosophiae, non pecuniae, studere.

If you wish to devote yourself to philosophy and to the soul, this pursuit is not able to be strong without frugality. This frugality is voluntary poverty. Therefore, take away those excuses of yours: "I don't yet have enough money. If ever I shall have that 'enough', then I shall give my entire self to philosophy." Begin now, to devote yourself to philosophy, not to money.
— Epistulae 17.5